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The Benefits of Mulch

Mulching has beneficial effects upon soil and plants. The main functions of mulches are the conservation of soil moisture and the moderation of soil temperature.
GLM Mulch and Sod

It blocks the evaporation of water from the soil, slowing down soil drying. Mulch also helps control the growth of weeds by blocking sunlight and/or smothering weed seedlings under layers of material.

It helps prevent soil erosion from heavy rains by preventing surface run-off of water and prevents the direct impact of hard rains on the soil surface.

Mulched plants will produce roots in the mulch that surrounds them. These roots
grow in addition to the roots that the plant produces in the soil. As a result, mulched plants have more roots than unmulched plants. Mulch also retains more moisture than pine straw.

Mulch Provides curb appeal for existing and new landscape projects and helps define planting areas. Refresh mulch once a year for best results.


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