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We can deliver all types of sod varieties to anywhere in Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Florida, South Carolina and North Carolina

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  • TifGrand™ Bermuda, a product of world renowned UGA turfgrass breeder Dr. Wayne Hanna, is the first sterile triploid shade tolerant Bermuda. It has superior insect resistance and fewer seedheads than other varieties.
  • A hybrid Bermuda. Tifway has excellent weed and disease resistances. Tifway has a dark green color. Tifway is used for home lawns, fairways, tees, and athletic fields.
  • Zorro® is a fine bladed zoysia with a deep, green color that is suitable for golf courses, commercial and residential lawns.

    Zorro’s density, texture, and adaptability to different mowing heights offer an excellent playing surface for tees, fairways, fringes and roughs. Zorro has superior shade tolerance to most other warm season grasses allowing it to grow in areas other grasses simply can’t. Zorro has excellent fall color retention and is an ideal choice from the tropics to the transition zone.

  • Meyer zoysia, also called "Z-52," is an improved selection of Z. japonica. It has medium leaf texture, good cold tolerance and spreads more rapidly than most other zoysias. This is the zoysia often advertised as the "super" grass in newspapers and magazines. Meyer  is our #1 recommended variety of  Zoysia.
  • Blended from three proven performers, Rebel II, Rebel Jr., and Rebel 3D to specifically meet the difficult demands of a southern lawn. The Rebel Supreme's extensive, deep root system allows it to withstand drought
  • TifBlair is an improved variety of Centipede. It is the first ever certified Centipede on the market. TifBlair is more cold and drought tolerant and has a root system that is 2-3 times larger than common centipede.
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